Manifesting Magnets

To have your dreams come true, it will help if you do following things consistently:

Make a habit to improve yourself consistently. For example read some self improvement book every day for a specified duration every day.
Say your gratitude daily. Start with all of things you can possibly be thankful for, like being alive and healthy. List can be as exhaustive as you want.
Do something for someone else. It does not matter how small it may, so long as it makes someone happy and it is done with intension of doing good for others.
Volunteer to help others in need. It means you actually giving your time and effort to a worthwhile cause.
• Choose an empowering image as a wall paper on your phone.
Unblock your limiting beliefs.
Define what you want.
• After you make a decision take some action toward completing the dream.
• Whatever you want, create your feeling as if you already got it. Let us say tomorrow is a Christmas and you know definitely get a present which can be what you are dreaming of. Now act as if you already got it and feel the feeling which you will have. This helps universe set things in motion for giving you what you want.
• Create a feeling of abundance and positivity in everything you do.
• There are lot more nuggets we will discuss in future blogs.

“The 3 Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet!” by Jafree Ozwald gives different way of looking at the topic:

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