Make Listening A Major Part of Your Conversation

Most people spend greater part of their time during a conversation preparing for what they want to say at the first chance they get. They do not pay attention to what other person is trying to convey to them. That is reason they do not become successful in knowing how to achieve whatever goal they want during the conversation with others.

Key is not to jump to have your say in conversation, instead let other person finish their part. Pay full attention to the conversation when other person is speaking. Let there be pause of 3 to 4 seconds when other person finish. Then start your part and keep it short. This way other party will listen your full conversation and you will have complete benefit of reaching your goal swiftly.

Clear and concise conversation in a better understood dialog will increase your success rate in your life.

A YouTube video – “3 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills” by Brian Tracy is a good advice on the matter:

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