Look For Silver Lining Of Each Cloud

Having a bad week? Everything seem like going haywire as far as your situations are concerned? Remember when there is no other way to get situation more badly for you; the only thing that can happen is improvement in your situation. Don’t let negative thinking cloud your judgments and make it more worse than it is. There is always a silver lining to every cloud. Look for the people who are more unfortunate than you and see how they are coping with their situations. Then be thankful to Almighty Universe that you are in much better situation then millions other.

Here is how you handle when you are in despair and see no way out of your situation:

• Consider how many other people are in even in worse situation than you.
Reflect on your condition and see how it could go any worse.
• The find out the way to lessen the impact of your situation on your future events.
Implement what is necessary so that situation does not get any worse.
Learn how to improve your situation.
Use those steps you learned to improve your condition.

If you do these steps, then you will see things start turning around and you will be on the road to a better life. Sees of goodness germinate when bad things happen. Bad things motivate you to make decision to change. Phoenix always rises from ashes.

A YouTube video – “Will We See Dark Clouds or Silver Linings The Choice, Ours Video Presentation” describes how to choose between dark clouds and silver lining in life:

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