Living in Present A Powerful Concept

Most of people so busy building their future. They get so much involved in future dreams that they lose their ability to enjoy their present. Key point is time to live fully, be in present. If one takes care of their present then and only then they can improve future. Take action to better your life at present moment so that your future will automatically shape to be better.

I can understand that you did not like your past and that is why you want to change your future. To do that your approach should be to change your present. That will give you a better future. Here are few things you can do to affect your present so that you can enjoy your future:

Grab the present moment of your life and live it as if it is your last moment.
Do not hold yourself back with negative thinking like you cannot do it.
• Reflect on what you are failing to do right now.
• Collect information on how many time your mind created thought saying it is not possible.
• Understand all what if situations are created because of your past thought patterns.
• Understand also the past is gone and you cannot change it.
Future is not here so you cannot directly affect it.
• Only tangible thing that you can affect is your present.
Present is real and is within your power to change it.
• Goals are important, but paths you take to achieve them are going to bear the fruits, based on path you chose.
• It is journey through your present where you chose paths.
No reason to have unhappy Journey, just to achieve goals.
• So stay happy at present and enjoy the journey.
• Goals you achieve by staying happy will be positive progress and you know that you are one step closer to your goals.
Believe in yourself and instead of wasting time, use it to learn, take actions and enjoy the journey.

Alan Watts – Explains his thoughts on – living In The Present (boat Analogy) in this video:

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