Listen To Succeed

Do not be ready to answer before the other person stops speaking. Not only it is a bad manner, but how would you know what the other person is going to say if you don’t give him a chance to finish. When you do like this, you are actually not listening at all. You are too busy thinking what to say next and in most cases, you have no idea, because you are too busy planning on what to say next. If earlier you are the one, who has asked the question and by not waiting to get answer, you are defeating the purpose of asking. May be person you asked the question, was answering the way to help you to reach your goal. Now you lost the chance of getting a good answer to particular situation.

If you are like that, my suggestion to you is “BE IN PRESENT MOMENT” and “PAY ATTENTION TO THE PERSON WHO IS SPEAKING.” Follow 80/20 rule, i.e. 80% listening and 20% speaking, that too for asking the right question. If you do that it will help you succeed in any goal you have.

In YouTube video “Three ways to improve communication skills” Brian Tracy explains how to better communicator by listening:

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