Let Go Of The Past

Lot of people keep living in past and let their past build road blocks to future progress. One should learn from past occurrences in their past but never let them control your present and affect their future.

Here are few ideas on how you can break free from past and use past as a stepping stone to shape your future:

Past mistakes are only undesirable results of past failures. Write them on a white paper with blue ink. This will get them out of your mind. They can not affect you anymore.
• Consider the past mistakes as opportunities to learn. They help you to look back and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Make a note of them and avoid making them all over again.
• Most effective way to let go of past is to focus on the present. Your present is the only real thing and it deserves full attention.
Put a spice of excitement in your present life so that past life looks pale in comparison. You mind will definitely and automatically start appreciating exciting life.
Set small but big enough goals so that they can be easily achieved at the same time excite you on completing them.
Goals should make you look forward to results in future.
Contributing time, energy and money to a worthy cause are the best ways to forget past mistakes and bringing your attention to present moment. Delving like that in present will make your future also very exciting.
• Try to remember how you have grown over the years and learned from your circumstances in the past. This will help you cope with current situation also.
Expect the progress to be uncomfortable at times. Changes look some very difficult to make and adapt. It is the human nature.
Make small changes at a time, your inner road blocks in mind will not feel them as threats and slowly you will make bigger changes in your life.
Recognize the changes other people are making in their lives. Appreciate them doing so and that will give you a reason to do it in your life.

It is to our advantage to get over our past and live in present. Again past is a history and future does not exist yet. So let us make our present the best we can so that our future can be as best as possible.

“Letting Go Of The Past-How To Get Over The Past In Minutes” a YouTube Video explains how to let go of past:

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