Learning The Life Lessons

People keep getting into relationship same kind again and again. They wonder why they are being put through same circumstances again and again.

The reason for that is the Universe is trying to teach you certain things which will make you understand the purpose of your life. The reason you were born. Instead of getting upset with circumstances you should learn from them. You have to study the circumstances and elevate yourself from them and not listen to excuses or explanations everyone is giving to you.

All matters is, not what comes at you but how you handle it.Key is to not to react but respond. Learn to express your feelings. There is no such thing as bad feeling. You will start awakening to the lessons Universe(GOD) is exposing you. If you become aware of such life lessons and then you consciously respond. You will have success beyond believe. Your life will become happy and satisfying to you. Everyone comes to this world with a purpose and you shall find it. Listen to your feelings. It is not always black and white answers to every situation. If you try and understand why of circumstances, you will find the purpose of your life.

“Everything Happens for a Reason”
YouTube Video by CrnaLisia gives very fine presentation of what I am talking about:

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