Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Researchers Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan at the Loma Linda University in California have proven laughter has great health benefits:

Laughing lowers blood pressure
Reduces stress level
Improves cardiac health
Improves immunity by boosting T Cell production
• Starts the release of endorphins
• Produces the feeling of confidence
• Creates a state of well being
• Creates a positive attitude
• works the abs, laughter make stomach muscle expand and contract in a way similar to exercise

So improve your life in lot of ways start laughing regularly. More you laugh, healthier you will stay. Laughing also alkalinise the blood. In alkaline state one disease state can survive. It kills all the diseased cells in the body. On the top of all above mentioned benefits, it does not cost you anything. So laugh to your heart’s content. It is such a beneficial medicine that it even affects to cure certain kind of cancer.

“Laughter is best medicine”
A YouTube Video in Meet the laughologist (Laughter specialist) gives good explanation of effects of laughtercise (Excercise of laughing):

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