Laughing Out Loud – A Medicine You Don’t Need Prescription For

A belly shaking laugh is the best medicine a doctor should prescribe, but, usually don’t. In Loma Linda University in California Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan have proven that laughing whole heartedly gives you enormous health benefits. There are numerous reports in literature where laughing cured deadly diseases like cancer.

Here are few side effects of laughing we can all use and live happily thereafter:

• Laughing reduces the stress level hormone and cuts anxiety. Since most of our diseases start with our stinking thinking which in turn starts with what if worrying. Worrying creates an anxiety which is reduced by laughing. Did you get it?
Lowers blood pressure and reduces risk factor for stroke and heart attack.
• Great cardiac work out.
Helps immune system by boosting and activating T-cells.
• Creates general state of well being and gives patient positive thought vibrations. Positive people recover from any diseases faster than negative people.
• Produces endorphins, a natural painkiller, which gives you relief from chronic pain.
• It is good abs building exercise and tones abs muscles.

One of my mentors prescribes a good belly farting laugh at least for five minutes twice daily. He is ninety plus years old and feels like in mid forties. He still rides motorcycle like a teenager.

A YouTube video – “Laughter is the best medicine; this is Hilarious! Share a smile” gives some laughs to start your exercise:

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