Keep Yourself Composed When You Are About To Lose It, It Will Help You Succeed!

According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, composure defined = a calmness or repose especially of mind, bearing, or appearance: self-possession.

Would you consider composure as a desired characteristic? At a job interview would you mention the ability to keep composure under stress a strength. I think it is one of the most under-rated desired trait or characteristic. Countless times I’ve wished I would have kept it together and not lost it (total ape sh*t lost it). But sigh I digress. I don’t know if you could relate but I wish I could have turned back the clock many of times and said what I’ve wanted to say better if I just hadn’t lost my composure. If only I could have kept it together long enough I could have articulated what I needed to say better. Perhaps I would have been taken more seriously and not appeared as an emotional wreck. Perhaps I would have been able to prove the point I needed to make all along and just wasn’t able to because I just couldn’t keep my composure. Funny thing is literally 5 minutes ago I walked away from the computer and almost lost it because of a work-related issue. However, I walked back to my desk and saw this post open which I wanted so carefully to make my point on. So deep breath kiddo… I’m practicing how to keep my composure.
We are human and sometimes we joke “oh boy that one has a temper on her”. Or “she is gonna lose it, straight lose it when she finds out xyz”. As an adult I’ve gained a new take on life, one in which I rely on God and less in the pantheistic ways I once was accustomed to.

I would like to share something with you which I would tell anyone of my dear ones. It’s okay to be upset/hurt/angry etc. We were made to feel all these ways. Be true to who you are because you know how to help yourself the best. Take a moment to be present in these feelings because it’s important to interpret and work through these emotions to really move on and keep your composure. And it’s okay to have these moments of self-loss but it’s also important to center again.

There is a wealth of information available on how to effectively keep your composure from a business standpoint. I’ve included link to an article named 7 Ways Leaders Maintain Their Composure In Difficult Times. I wish you success in trying to keep composure or better compose yourself.

A YouTube Video below on composure will give you something to think about and may also motivate you to keep your composure during times when circumstances may tempt you, not to.

Here is a little pact I’ve made with myself and I hope it may also inspire you.

Dear Past Self – I wish I could have kept better composure but I forgive myself because it was in these moments that I learned the value of keeping it together, not only for myself but for all around me.

Dear Present Self – I promise to work on keeping composure, given what I’ve learned be more aware during the moments.

Dear Future Self – I promise to be committed to keeping composure and be more reflective on moments when I wish I could have been more composed. I hope you can look back and feel I tried to work on this characteristic.

This article is written by our guest contributor – GW4

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