Judge The Situation But Don’t Be Judgmental

No one likes the people with the preconceived ideas. People interact more openly with open minded people. No person will like a conversation with people who already formed an opinion without listening to whole conversation. If you don’t listen to them, why they should listen to you? This takes you nowhere in conversation.

This is my suggestion:

Be an open minded. It makes you more approachable and interesting to talk.
Don’t preconceive an opinion on the subject before listening and discerning on what others have to say.
• Learn to see the world through other people’s eyes.
• You don’t have to believe them.
• You don’t have to condone their behavior.
• It simply means that you delay your judgment long enough to fully understand what they are conveying.
Understand what is making them tick.
• That is the only way you can let them be what they are.
• Then you can deal with them as they are.

If you can bring yourself to understand them in that depth then only you can take the best benefit out of that discussion. So keep an open mind. That is what will help you succeed.

A YouTube video – “Judging others is Dangerous: Powerful Story – Video – Don’t Jump to Conclusions.” Gives good view on being judgmental:

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