Join me for The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Over 150 symptoms could point to Lyme disease–it’s a present-day epidemic that’s terribly difficult to diagnose! And, conventional medicine does not have an answer–join us for expert protocols that could radically improve the life of someone with Lyme!
Register for The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Lyme disease is quickly spreading across the entire globe–very few are enlightened on this troublesome condition–that’s why Dr. Jay Davidson has urgently created the second summit on this topic (with only 2 repeat speakers from 2016). 300,000+ people per year contract Lyme, and 2017 is predicted by some to be an incredibly risky year! Don’t miss The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2 from June 19-26, 2017, free and online!

The pre-event prices of $59 for online access and $99 for flash drive packages will end Monday, June 19, at 10 A.M. U.S. Eastern. They then increase to $79 online and $119 for flash packages. You can learn all about these offers on our sales page.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

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