Is Ego Derailing Your Success

When anyone always lost in or gives importance to HIMSELF (or HERSELF) there is definitely an EGO Problem. Don’t think that people can’t recognize your this trait if you have it. It does not win you many friends either. When others find you egotistic they either shun you completely or may become roadblocks in your success journey, sometimes, just to teach you a lesson. Either way you lose.

Observe your own behavior or ask a real friend if you are having an ego issue. A real friend will tell you truth and you should be happy that you have a real friend who will share the truth with you. Once you recognize the fact, work on it constantly to get rid of this trait of yours. You would like the change in your interaction with others. It will help you to be more successful in life.

A YouTube Video, “Relationship Communication Problems: Egos and Defensiveness” explains a simple way of getting rid of ego:

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