In Life Small Changes Make Big Difference

All big changes begin with tiniest adjustments. Important thing is to focus on one little change at one time. When you look on the long term horizon, the smallest of changes make a hugest difference in life. To reach a destination small changes are made all during the journey to achieve our goals. Another point is that small changes are easier to make. Your mind does not trigger road blocks (automatic habits learned from your earlier experiences in life) to stop you from making them.

Example is way a pilot makes adjustments during a flight en route to a destination. He reaches right airport but it is only possible because of adjustments he made while he was flying. Every time his on board instruments showed he is getting slightly off course, he made a change to the direction to correct the situation. Result gave him success in reaching correct destination. Changes he made were small but he achieved his goal in the end.

YouTube video, “Focus on one small change” by Qigong demonstrates effect of making a tiny change:

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