Identify Kind Of Difficult People In Your Life

Some people are just difficult to deal with, but they are integral part of your life. You have to learn to deal with them on ongoing daily basis. Most important step in dealing with them is to be able to identify them. Once you know who they are, you will be able to chalk out proper plan to deal with them.

Let us dig into knowing who they are.

• They could be close family member, who you can be stuck with rest of your life does not matter what happens in life. You feel you have certain responsibility towards them.
• Your friends.
• They could be a co-worker. You are going to come in close business contact with them. Nothing short of leaving your job may help to avoid them.
• A cashier or floor worker in or a grocery store. That can be easily avoided. You will not be coming in touch them that often. They cannot be much of hindrance in progress of your life.
• A person you met in a party. It can also be minor inconvenience.
• An occasional encounter with a difficult person can be possible anywhere.

Each of the difficult people can be put in different category and can be dealt with accordingly. Environment is important in your progress in life. I have some thoughts on this topic which we will discuss in future blog posts.

A YouTube video – “How To Deal With Difficult & Toxic People” by Leo from shows a good understanding of the subject and gives some solutions on how to deal with difficult people:

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