I Have A Dream ……. Fill in Blanks..

Having dream is OK, but how will you fulfill it? Here is how:

• First put it in writing on white sheet of paper with blue ink. This gives it a positive vibration.
Define it in as much detail as you can. If your dream is a car, state which brand, color, details of equipment and other features. Make it as real as possible. Go to the dealership, feel the lather of seats, inhale the smell of new car and take a picture with you in it.
Put that picture in your dream board.
Feel every day the way you should feel as if you already have your dream fulfilled. It is vibrations of feeling that is going to ask the Universe to give you guidance to achieve your dream.
Visualize a success. If you do so you are more likely to be successful in achieving that dream.
• Consistently take an action to get closer to achieving dream.

So to summarize define your dream in detail, believe in that you can do it, take action towards completing it and get motivated to achieving it.

A YouTube video – “Motivational video – Visualize your dream” – by Les Brown Gives details on how to visualize the dream:

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