How You Teach Yourself?

After you learn anything by reading, how you really teach yourself?

There are few ways to do that:

Teaching it to others (like friends or colleagues). When you teach others, you should articulate the material so well that people you are teaching can understand it. It will make you also proficient in what you are teaching.
• If you don’t feel comfortable in teaching others, you can teach it using your imagination. They also call it teaching in your mind’s eye. Just imagine that you hall full of audience and you are speaker as well as audience. You ask yourself a question. Then as a speaker answer saying it is a good question and regurgitate what you have learned earlier. Articulate the material same way as if you are teaching a friend or a colleague. This will clearly enhance the learning of the material.
Learning from mentors in real world situations. Observing them and then doing the same way.

Video below describes five keys to rigorous project based learning:

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