How To Master Anything

It is a simple principle. If you want to be successful in anything, you need to master the thing. If your goal is to be a heart surgeon, you need to be mastering cardiology. It does not matter what your goal is you must master the know how to be successful in that field.

Most important thing in mastering is to be mastering the basic. Basics are the fundamental blocks on which whole building of mastery stands. You should build a strong base first. Then you can build as high as your base will be able to support. As stronger the base is built, the more height for the building can be achieved. Same way more you master the basic fundamentals of anything, more mastery of that field can be attained. Set up a solid and sound foundation if you want to be master of anything.

In the video Mike Rashid is giving his take about learning the basics if you want to be good athlete:

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