How To Deal With Difficult People

Once you precisely identify the difficult people in your life, You should start reducing their affect on your own success in life. In yesterday’s blog the video by Leo contained information to find out who are the difficult people and some methods on how to deal with them.

Here are some recommended approaches to deal with difficult people:

Stay calm and collective. Never lose your cool when dealing with such people.
Keep a respectable distance from difficult people. Avoid going out with such people in a group especially they are from your work place.
• Use soft honesty to deal with such people. Be tactful when doing business with such people state your request precisely, making a clear point, stick to the business and resolve the issue at hand promptly and politely.
Refuse to take difficult behavior of someone personally especially when they are doing that with everyone. This means they are not doing this to you. They behave like this to everyone. Their behavior is not directed specifically towards you. Don’t see them as a challenge to you and get drawn into conflict.
• When you are boss of difficult person, set your parameters right and establish consequences in case the person keep breaking the rules. Always take a decisive action to send a message loud and clear. This way you will avoid future situations.
• In case person uses a foul language , request a fifteen minute meeting alone with them. State the person what they are suppose to do as far as job requirement. Clearly stat the expectations. Very politely explain that foul language is not acceptable and will have consequences if continued in future.
Employ humor in conversation whenever possible. That keeps the conversation in positive tone. But always make sure you can stand by statements.

A YouTube Video – “How to deal with difficult people” by Howdini informs about how to deal with difficult boss or a co-worker:

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