How Not To Start Projecting Wrong Future When You Are Feeling Down

Once in a while you feeling bad and you see your future looking very bleak. Don’t worry here are steps for quick fix:

• Recognize the feeling which is making you feel bad. Notice how your projection of future looks to you at that time.
When feeling starts to give you story thought, let go of the story part. Just concentrate on the feeling part only. Recognize that it appears like that because of bad feeling you have.
Feel the feeling itself completely and become aware of your body sensations. Don’t chase the feeling but know the fact it will not last forever.
• Now you will start feeling quite free from your current condition and your future story will become less realistic. Now take charge and consider what one small step you should take to change your future situation story which you were projecting before. This brings real solutions to your future story and you will on way to changing your future. Result will be a brighter outlook.

Ronald Brown has a YouTube video “If Your Future Looks Bleak” for your enlightenment:

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