Happiness Is Giving Yourself Wholeheartedly To Universe

What the sentence above means? Everyone is going to interpret it differently based on how they understand the meaning of happiness. It all depends upon what their beliefs are. It also depends upon if they are running after the material things or looking for happiness in spiritual sense and what they feel is the purpose of their life. What is the calling in their life?

Among Sikhs happiness is achieved by doing everything you need to sustain human body and remembering one and only GOD (Universe, Creator of life) every moment in your life. Giving you unconditionally to HIS will. That gives you an ultimate chance to be one with Almighty GOD whose present in all moments of our life. We give gratitude for all good things he bestows upon us. We are thankful for his kindness in our lives. We consistently ask for his guidance in doing right things and follow teachings in our holly Guru “Shri GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI”. That is what gives us happiness and peace in our lives.

I urge the people of this world to understand the principles of Sikh religion and see how it will affect their lives. It will bring peace, harmony, happiness and contentment in their lives. Sikh religion is only all inclusive religion, where men, women and people from all walks of life are treated equally. We are community based religion where people take care of people. Even in our community based food servings in temples people from all walks of life sit together in same place and in the same way. That is happiness in our life.

A YouTube video “Nishkam- Life, Love And Service: A Sikh Perspective” gives some view on Sikh Religion:

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