Gratitude Melts Away The Stress By Bringing Positive Feelings In Your Life

When you are going through tough times, it makes you feel very negative about life. Then one always starts blaming circumstances, other people in life like family, friends, employer and society at large. Can you change anything by creating this feeling? You Can’t change anything by feeling like that.The reason is you can’t control circumstances, or the people surrounding these circumstances. Stress is a negative feeling which can be reduced by having more of positive feelings.

There is need for despair. Good news is here. You can change all that negativity by simple exercise of saying gratitude as often as you can. Start with anything that makes you happy. Suppose you have a friend whose company you like and who make you smile just by being there for you when you need him most. So be thankful for that. Positivity created by gratitude will soon make a major shift in your life.

Here is Marie Forleo’s YouTube Video “Gratitude: The Most Powerful Practice You’re Not Doing” explaining the power of gratitude done right way:

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