Go Extra Mile

Lot of people is always complaining that they are not getting paid what they are worth. Complaining is not what is going to get them paid what they are worth. Bitching about the situation is not going to help. It only makes you look as a trouble maker or disrupter of the normal life at your work place.

• Try to understand and learn what else is happening at work place.
• If you are doing a part of the job, learn what else other people are doing.
Master the job other people are doing in addition to doing your job.
Become a go to person not only in your job.
• Offer yourself as a volunteer to take on newer responsibilities.
Become a go to person in all those newer functions.
• Soon you will see that you have become indispensible in all those areas.

Now since you have made this progress and helped your work place, people at the top will start to recognize your input in smooth running of the workplace and they will pay you even more than you are worth.
If they don’t I suggest let them know you are doing a fantastic job and take yourself out in the market. I am sure with work ethic like you learned above; you will be able to get better positions anywhere.

Here in this video here is example of going extra mile:

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