Get Rid Of Clutter

We all humans habit of collecting things thinking some day we might need it. It so happens that 20 years later we still have found no use for it. It stays in our garage, basement or attic of the house collecting dust. Such things create very negative energy in your life. It is important that you understand clutter is nothing but something that will hinder your progress in life. Get rid of those negative vibrations.

The above thought does not apply to collectibles which increase in value over time. It is OK to collect well thought collectibles with certain value thought in mind.
It seems impossible to clean clutter. It looks such a surmountable task. Here are few suggestions to motivate you to get a handle on this situation.

• Question – How you eat an elephant? Answer – one bite at a time. Suppose you want to clean your car. If you feel it is too much to do. Start with one seat at a time. When done start with trunk. Soon you will see everything in the car. Same way things can be cleaned in the garage or any room in the house.
• Anything you save should be labeled properly so that you can find it when you need it.
• Things you do not seem to find a reason to keep are junk as for as you are concerned. Get rid of them.
Make a rule and stick to it. For example if you do not use things you collected for five years and they are not increasing in value (not Collectibles), get rid of them.
Set aside a specific time and what you will clean in that time slot.
• Plan a garage sale event at least once or twice a year to monetize your clutter.
• If you have a collectible, get it appraised periodically to see if it is really a collectible and increase in value relative to your other investments.
Donate the things you don’t need.

Some tips about organizing are in this YouTube video below:

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