Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Two

Helping others is my passion. It may be just motivating a person who is feeling down, anyone little under weather, needing nuggets of helpful advice, encouragement to follow their dreams, just listen to someone who has gone through bit of tough time or just playing the understanding game. It not only makes other person feel better, but makes me feel really good. It gives me a sense of accomplishing something in my life. I look forward to have that feeling.
Other day I had a contractor assemble a shed for me. He was feeling tired at the end of day. He is in his mid forties. I discussed his condition with him. He had gone through knee replacement. He is also suffering from heart condition and diabetes. His blood pressure is under control with medication. Diabetes is border line. He is very careful about his diet. He told all things in detail. When I asked if takes any vitamins. He said no. He said that he could not find any vitamins without sugar. I suggested him liquid form sugar free vitamins with anti-oxidants that are absorbed 85 to 95 percent in human body. Within two months of taking those vitamin supplement his pain is gone. He does not feel tired that much. Whenever I see him he is ever so thankful for the advice. That has made me feel really good!
My feeling is that vitamins surely did the job, but my listening to his story with compassion has also its share in this person’s good feeling. I gave him positive thoughts to consider along with a constructive advice. That was and is my passion, especially because of training and experience as a pharmacist.
Here is another story. I know an elderly gentleman in his nineties. He started feeling little lethargic and stooped walking. He was hesitant to walk because he was thinking he will fall down and may be break his hip or something like that. I suggested him also some vitamins and gave him lot of encouragement. He used to walk little bit with the help of a cane. Now he is walking straight without cane. This sure made my day.

Now make yourself feel good by watching this video below:

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