Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Six

I immigrated to USA with very little finance and no one knowing me. I landed at Kennedy airport in New York. After completing customs and immigration procedure I started to look for ways to survive in a place where I was completely stranger.

I asked few to taxi drivers about how I can find about someone I know. No one gave me any satisfactory answer. Someone just then told me look in telephone book. I didn’t even know what telephone book was at that time. After struggling for about an hour, I found out what telephone book was. I finally started looking in it to see if any name I may know is listed in it.

I saw a name in it that sounded like name of person from my village. I never knew in my wildest dreams it could be same person. I gathered enough courage in me to call him and ask if he is the right guy. I told him who I was. Such a coincidence could not have happened unless GOD was looking out for me. He was the same person. As I said someone up there was looking out for me on that day.Since then I am a firm believer in the GOD.

I am so grateful to him for taking me in at that time. I do have relationship with his family and they will always have a place in my heart. With one act of kindness, I am indebted to them for rest of my life.

Rest is all history. My life had been very successful. This year I retired as a pharmacist. Now I am paying it forward and will help any person under the same circumstances. That is another reason I started to blog. God bless his soul, he recently left us for heavenly abode.

Please share this post with as many people as you like. May someone else turn into a believer.

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