Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Four

Things that most people don’t know about me.

• Most people may not know my religious preference. I AM A SIKH, one with beard and turban. That is the only thing people may not know about me, rest is all open book. Since I came in 1975, I cut my beard and shaved my beard to fit in the society looks. I have been on New York City for most of my time in America. People have known me as caring, little hard headed sometime, but for the right reasons. I worked as a compassionate and responsible pharmacist since my arrival here. I retired in the beginning of this year and have decided to return to my original form with beard and turban. My affiliation will always remain with my country as a US Citizen. Mother country has its own place but country where you blossom to who you are will always comes first. I will show my picture in various groups like LinkedIn and FB etc soon.
• In this post I will tell who we are as Sikhs to educate the public. Please see video at the end of this post.
• Some day someone might think I am set in my ways. That is because I follow principles of my religion. Which are: There is one super being, even though every religion gives it different name. All are created equal. God never creates an imperfect specimen. Remember humans are created in his image. We are all unique. Men and women, both should be treated with respect and dignity. We believe in everyone caring for each other as a community, that is the reason in our every temple of Sikhs (Gurdwara – The house of GOD) food is served to all without consideration of that person’s religious alliance. Every person is welcome in our temples. There is lot more to tell about me as a Sikh, but I will leave that for some later posts.
I care deeply for the poor and the ones whom society didn’t treat well. This is where my giving back to society comes. That is my way of paying it forward by starting my blog.
• The order in which I prefer to cater to the society is family first, extended family along with my close friends second, people I personally know third and all others fourth in ladder. I always consider the urgency of need in all these matters.

Here is video which will show you all what Sikhs are all about:



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