Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Five

Today I will like to write about how to motivate you and be successful by just doing one thing that can make the difference in success cycle. Drum roll …….. TAKE ACTION!!!! Most of people fail because they do not take action and do not follow through after making a decision. A decision has no significance if you do not act; it is just a pipe dream.

Once you set a goal or objective, collect needed information on how you can achieve it. Then make a plan and act on it. The plan has to be based on information. It need not be perfect. Any plan based on current information is good enough, because if you keep waiting for perfect plan, it will not be perfect by the time you are ready with it. The reason with the passing of time demographics of any situation change and the plan which you made for original circumstances is not a perfect anymore.

You must take action within 48 hours of making a decision. It is always OK to modify the plan while you are taking an action. That is why successful take action while unsuccessful people still thinking about the process. Achievers act on their thought right away. Initial success even if a small one motivates you to take more action and bring you closer to your next goal. It builds up momentum, which charges you up like a forest fire. Next time you make a decision …… TAKE ACTION!
Here is video showing some people who took action:

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