Fear, What Is It Anyway?

Ever thought of this thing called fear? Remember when you are about do something and a thought comes in your mind, I will not be able to do it. Or what others will think of that. May be it is not worth the effort. All these thought are signs of fear. It is your sub-conscious mind stopping you from achieving success.

Alex Beadon, a successful entrepreneur and blogger was explaining in one of her chatty Tuesday video that there is nothing called neutral thought; it is either fear or love.

Fear as I said above is a negative thought which keep from succeeding by creating a moment of hesitation in doing something. Let us see if we can figure out a way to eliminate fear.

You can not eliminate a fear. You can make it ineffective by replacing it with thoughts of love (Positive thoughts). It works the same way as removing air from a bottle. You can’t remove it, unless you replace with something else like water. So air can be removed only by filling space with water. Same is true about fear; replace it with thought of love (positive thought). Then there is nothing to stop you from succeeding.

“How To Overcome Fear” by Brendon Burchard explains about it:

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