Fear Is Nothing But Just An Illusion

Definition of Fear is – “False evidence appearing real.”

Fear can be very debilitating, paralyzing and scary. It can take away our power. It can make us think about unwanted things in our life. It is also absence of love in our lives. All these factors are basic reasons.

We are afraid of things and fear from them because we don’t know about them. When we fear in any situation there are at least 9 alternative options for doing the same thing. Reason we end up being fearful is because we do not explore the alternatives to our situation.

In any case there is another thing 95% of times things we fear most never happen. So our fear in most cases is baseless. It is because of blocks in our sub-conscious mind from previous experiences or from what our parents, teachers, or social structure we are part of, told us, about the way things are suppose to happen. But these blocks can stop you in tracks and derail you from achieving your goals in life.

These blocks can be overcome. In my opinion there is never a thing to be fearful. Whenever you are afraid, get all the information about that situation and discern. You will find an alternative in which you will not be afraid and can continue to achieve whatever you wanted to do.
A YouTube video – “Fear” a motivational video gives some insights into fear:

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