Fake It Till You Can Make It

Our non-verbal actions govern how we think and feel about ourselves. When we smile we feel happy. Reversely if we don’t feel happy we can start feeling better by forcing ourselves to smile. That means our postures or the way we act and our physiology are interrelated and directly affect each other. This means our minds change our bodies. Our bodies change our behavior. Our behavior changes our mind.

It happens due to hormonal changes in the body. Basically when you make power poses you testosterone increase in level and decrease in cortisol levels. It makes us feel powerful. When we feel powerful we act in power poses. So if we feel any time that we cannot do certain task and we should fake it with power poses or suggestions to our mind till we make it. Doing so you will not only help you make it but will become it.

YouTube video by Amy Cuddy, “Your body language shapes who you are” shed light on this topic:

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