Empower Yourself BY Making YOU Chose Between Choices

Give yourself power to choose between two choices. This is powerful tool which make you accept changes in your behavior very easily. Your sub-conscious mind will not make any road blocks in accepting those changes.

Suppose you want to change your dietary habit. Instead of eating junk food give yourself a choice between two healthy foods. Your mind will select one of the two choices without thinking about any other food. Since you are letting your own mind decide what you should eat, it will not show any resistance to the idea of eating healthy food. When you do it every time you eat it will eventually create a new habit of eating a healthy food. Remember your mother asking you if you wanted to eat your carrots and broccoli, or just your broccoli. You said either carrots and broccoli or Broccoli and eat it without further complaining. Well even as adults your mind works same way, so you should take advantage of this technique and create new habits to make you successful in life.

Giving you a choice is very painless way to improve chances of success in any endeavor.

Will Smith – “Ultimate Motivational Speeches” YouTube video explains affect of choice in Your success:

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