Driving Tip To Success Principle

Today I might look like that I am writing on an off topic, not in any way related to achieving success. But it is related to success principles I have been blogging about.

Have you observed while driving everyone hits the pot hole on the road even though all tried to avoid it consciously? When they trying to avoid hitting the pot hole on the road they are looking at it while driving. Your sub-conscious mind is following your eyes. Since you are looking at the pot hole it is taking you over the pot hole. It is taking you to the place where you are concentrating.

Now let us do an experiment. When you see a pot hole on the road and you don’t want to hit it. Do not look at the pot hole, instead look at the part of road which if you go over will avoid hitting the pot hole. As you did this your sub-conscious mind will take over and make you steer over to the right part of the road and you will not hit the pot hole. Try this neat little trick. It will work all the time.

Now what happened here? Your subconscious mind followed the directions of your conscious mind without you being aware of it. This happens all the time in our daily life. Lesson here is to be successful don’t think of things you want to avoid. Think of things which will help you achieve your goals and make you successful. This is one more pearl of wisdom to help you along the way.
Here is YouTube to help you see a positive twist to pothole scenario:

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