Dream Board Helps Your Sub-conscious Mind To Accept Dreams

Biggest challenge we face is making your own sub-conscious mind agree on the dream for achieving. It has uncanny ability to block any dream you can think of. It always finds the way to make you feel that this dream is not achievable. It will give excuses that it is impossible, what other people will think of it, it is too much farfetched and loads of other no good reasons. But don’t be disheartened. There is way around it.

This is how you can tell your sub-conscious mind to accept it:

• Make a Dream Board on which put the pictures and artifacts which will make you think about the things you desire.
• Actual printed pictures of places you want to visit for your vacation.
• Material things you want to have, like a BMW or Porsche car.
• Don’t just put a picture; go to the dealer as if you are buying the car. Sit in it and ask salesperson to take a picture with you sitting on the wheel. Put that picture on the board.
• Want an expensive watch, go to shop try it on and ask your friend who is with you to take a picture while you are wearing that watch. Again put that on the board.
Aim is to capture the feeling of time when you are physically touching the things you want and make it a part of your dream board.
• Then all you have to do is to see that dream board as often as you can.
• You may take a picture of the dream board and make it a wall paper on your cell phone.
Consistent visualizing your dreams this way will eventually make your sub-conscious mind accept it and it will start finding the ways to make it happen.

Go ahead try these things and let me know what happened in your fur life. Sharing your feelings with other like minded people will help you get their good vibrations to help you too!

A YouTube Video – “How to make a vision board from “The Secret” A simple, fast, cheap and easy- How to guide.” Gives you idea on how to make a vision board:

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