Don’t Give up, Stand Up And Fight

Jack Canfield‘s book Chicken Soup was rejected by 144 publishers before he finally got it published. If you keep trying, you are bound to succeed does not matter what you want to do. Be persistent and you will prevail. He would not be well known author he is now if he had not persisted. You have to continue your effort toward completing the goal.

It is not easy to keep trying and failing and stay positive about it. We are surrounded by negative people who drum into our brain, why we can’t be successful, consistently. Luckily, for us there is way to overcome this situation. It is called self talk. We need to talk to our self and say we can do it. This is very effective method to counteract the negativity.

“Positive Self-Talk-Become More Assertive And Productive.” A YouTube Video how to practice self talk to affect yourself in positive way:

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