Don’t Be Envious Of Rich, Instead Study Them

It is human nature to envious of people who are richer than you. If you want to be successful, envy is not going to take you anywhere. It is negative thought. Instead concentrate on what they have done to become rich. If you like what they did and everything they did is legitimate. Learn their qualities and change yourself so that you can achieve the same way. As they say monkey see, monkey does. You will be successful beyond your imagination.

Here is what you should do to follow the footsteps of rich people so that you can be rich also:

Be their apprentice
Find out what they did when they were in the same circumstances as you are in now
Then do the same things and you are on your way to success
Stay humble and show gratitude even after your success, it will keep you stay rich

“Dr. Wang- Autobiographical self”
explains various features in an autobiography and you can learn those features to be successful:

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