Don’t Be Desperate To Seek Attention

When you speak with confidence, precise and friendly manner, people are more attentive and convincible by what you say than if you try to show them how important you are. All you need is to be considerate and friendly to win people and be likeable. People eventually become irresponsive to those who are desperate for attention. You need not have an extrovert personality to be liked by the people. People catch up very quickly as to what you are and who you are. They are more attracted to right attitude than how many people or what kind of people you know.

To get a sincere attention of the people here are my suggestion what you should do:

Don’t look desperate to get attention.
Be concise, friendly and considerate in what you are saying.
• When someone recognize you don’t sing your song to get more attention that comes out as a desperate attempt to get attention.
Give a sincere, deserving and openhearted credit to other people for your success.
Be genuine when you others credit in your success; people will catch on to your sincerity and will take you as a humble and appreciative personality. These are two cornerstone pillars on which will be based your likeability.

Once people start liking you based on your sincerity and genuine desire to serve them they will open to you. Then and only then your popularity, likeability and success will soar.

A YouTube video – “Ask Shallon: Are You Acting Desperate? How not to look CRAZY” by Shallon Lester explains how girl should not act desperate when trying to get attention of a guy:

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