Does Practice Make You Perfect?

The old saying is, “Practice makes you perfect.” There is truth in proceeding statement. Yes practicing the same thing again and again will make you proficient in whatever you are doing. But it may not make you perfect in it. If you are practicing to do it incorrect way, it will only make you good at doing it wrong way. So it is not only important to practice, it is also imperative that you practice the correct way of doing that thing whatever you are trying to be perfect in.

So to be perfect and expert in whatever your goal is, you need to first find a perfect way doing it. Then you should practice in the correct way you found and that will make you perfect in doing it.

But in real life you need not be perfect all the time. Sometimes a little imperfection is OK, because it lets you start doing things quickly. Like you made a decision to do certain task, and took action to work on the project even though you have not come up with a perfect plan. Another reason for not waiting for perfect answer to your situation, because by the time you come up with perfect solution, the demographics of the situation change and your perfect solution to situation is not perfect any more. So in reality perfection is not that important criterion to succeed. Taking action is more important than being perfect all the time. That is corner stone in the success of most of elites of the world.They make a decision, take action and modify their plan as needed during the course of action. That is how wars were won and people achieved unbelievable success in their lives.

But practice do have a place in being able to do things like a expert as you can see in YouTube video (Practice makes perfect)below:

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