Do Not Use Past As An Excuse For Not Achieving Goals Now

There is no one in the world, who never made any mistake in the past. If you keep bringing to the present as an excuse for not doing things to achieve your present goals, you are sabotaging your present as well as future. It is OK that you made a mistake. Now acknowledge it and learn from it. After understanding learning piece of it, let it go. It is past. You can’t change it. This is something you learn from and move on. This is past baggage. Don’t hang on to it. Present is a new time frame. Make a decision again to get up to take one extra step towards your goal. Those who make effort for that extra step always come out as winners.

To be a successful person, you have to learn to make a decision and take action in spite of past failures. That is what will make you successful.

A YouTube video “Famous failures” gives details of failures of people who did not let failures stand in the way of future successes:

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