Dealing With Consistent Negativity So That It Does Not Destroys Your Success

Some people are always upset with one thing or other in their life. They are suspicious of everything in their life and associate the event with negative twist they can come up with. Such people destroy their relationship. Their negativity sucks the life out of any good relationship. Even when everything may be perfectly alright they will find something wrong. They are responsible for their own misery.

My suggestion is keep them away from your life. That does not mean that I am suggesting that if you have someone in your own family or someone you really care about abandon him or her. In that case it is your responsibility to change that person’s negativity. It will take time but if done in small step to avoid resistance from their sub-conscious mind it is feasible. First understand where the negativity is stemming from. Then ask questions to clarify. Finally get them involved by asking how will they correct what is wrong? Open a dialog and make them realize that everyone is not against them. There are people who care about them.

Use your positive energy for creating good where it may be possible.

A YouTube video – “How to deal with negative people” by Paul from Capstone Publishing gives a perspective on such negative people:

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