Darkest Clouds Also Have Silver Lining

Once in a while situations arise in everyone’s life, where everything seems to go wrong. It does not matter how hard you try, it does not seem to work. You keep getting failure after failure. Circumstances look dismal day after day. Negative situations have the best of you thrown into deep sea of failures.

There is no need of letting negativity cloud your thinking
. Always remind yourself that setbacks usually occur just before you are about to succeed in your goal. Seek the reason behind the setback and give yourself a chance to solve that situation. Look for silver lining for your challenging situation. Pray to calm your negativity. When you sincerely ask for guidance Universe will provide it.

Do not get stuck in a negative thought. They say you become what you think about all the time. So fill your conscious moments with positive thinking. Sub-conscious will catch on very quickly.

Look for the silver lining clip of Jerome Kern and Buddy DeSylva’s classic from the 1920 musical “Sally,” shown here from the 1929 film version in YouTube Video is shown below:

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