Creating The Happy Feelings

Once in a while you may not feel happy. There is nothing to worry about. You can become happy very quickly and here is how:

Let us start first with finding out what happens when you are happy:

• You may be humming tune of song you like.
• You feel a spring in your feet during walking.
• There is big smile on your face.
• You exuberating lot of enthusiasm.
• Your eyes look as if they are full of life.

Now you defined what you do when you are happy. Mind and human body so much connected that if you alter one the other will respond. So if you are not happy, change your physiology. Do the things you do when you are happy and you feelings will change to happiness.

So when you feel down, do this:

Hum a song.
Walk as if you have spring in feet.
• When you are talking to someone light up your eyes with excitement.
Wear a smile on your face.
Show an enthusiasm in everything you do.

Soon you will start feeling happy.

Here is another person’s view point on how to be happy:

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