Creating Habits To Succeed

What we do in our lives depends upon the habits we have developed in the past. To start life we desire, we need to create new habits which will have a positive impact on us going forward. Sometimes bad habits are so much entrenched that it is difficult to move away from them. We keep coming back to them again and again. To break the cycle we need to consistently develop new habits to replace old habits.

We should start the process of slow replacement. As we gain momentum we will be able to achieve success quickly. Here are simple suggestions to kick start your success:

Read every day Set a time, does not matter how much, but must do it consistently.
• Listen to motivational audio daily. Again do it consistently.
Attend events, meetings or functions, as often as possible.
Develop relationships and connections with other like minded persons.
Recognize, recognize and recognize other people’s achievements.
• They will start recognizing the change that is happening in you.
• Their encouragement will make you feel like making more of the same changes in you.
• You will take action in your life and that will create new habits.
• That is my present to you for this holiday season. Now you have the system for success.
• Now go make changes in your life and be what you want to be!

Just remember actions you take in life convert to results.

That makes you take more actions, which creates habits.

YouTube video by Owen Fitzpatrick on changing habits – Breaking bad behaviors gives a good insight below:

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