Creating a Success Consciousness

Want to succeed in your life? Develop a success consciousness. It is simple process and requires following key efforts on your part:

Develop I can Attitude. There is nothing a human mind can’t accomplish. It is matter creating a belief in you. If anyone else can do so can you.
• Second attitude you need is I will. You must make a decision that you will do it.
Define your objective. Clarify what you want to achieve.
• You must follow through your decision by action.
• Follow trough should be done within 48 hours. It usually happens when you develop a do it now
Connect the past successes to your present. Make it habit of doing it as often as can.
Rinse and repeat one goal at a time.

There is simplest approach to create success consciousness. Follow through those steps and succeed in anything you want.

Anthony Hamilton’s YouTube video “Map Of Consciousness 2 – Create Instant Success. WMV” gives another method of creating success consciousness:

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