Creating A Block Free Mindset

People have lots of mental blocks standing in way of their success. These are created by stinking thinking, influence of the socio-economic situations in their lives or their upbringing conditions. These are called bugs in their sub-conscious mind. These bugs are major contributors to most failure.
Success people have no bugs in their sub-conscious mind as far as things they do to be successful. They might plenty of other blocks but things they need to be successful, they are completely bug free. That is the reason they become successful.

Let us take example of sports person. They have no hesitation in succeeding in sports because they have no bugs to stop them in that area. But they may not be good husbands, friends, etc, because they have lot of blocks or bugs in those areas of their thinking. All these bugs can be removed from your mind and they can have success in those areas by consciously working on them.

It does not matter how big blocks you have in a mind. All can be removed one at a time. Same way you will answer the question. How will you eat an elephant? Answer is “one bite at a time.”

If you want to be successful you should set your mind to remove those bugs from your sub-conscious one at time. So let us get started. We have success waiting for us at the finish line!

A YouTube video – “The Secret To Subconscious Mind Control #1.” By Richard Petrie has a good view on how to change your mental blocks:

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