Compliments Go Long Way To Help You Succeed

“First words used for successful and unsuccessful people –‐compliment and criticize -¬‐set the tone for the qualities to come. The word compliment has a positive connotation, while criticize has a negative. One of the overall keys to being successful is positivity – praise as opposed to disapproval, gratitude as opposed to entitlement, and most of all joy as opposed to anger.” Maryellen Tribby

So to succeed in all aspects of life start with complimenting the people you interact with. That will take you long way on the success road. On the other hand if you start every conversation with criticism you are bond to get lot of hurdles in your journey of success. My suggestion is to avoid criticism at large and be generous about complimenting.

“Complimenting others is like a greasing wheel of your own car, it will make your journey to success a smooth ride.” Amrik Mann

Here is YouTube Video on “How to give and receive a compliment”:

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