Change Food And Other Routine Choices If You Want To Succeed

To Succeed in achieving your goals you have to make changes in what you do, the way you do it is one at a time. This way internal sub-conscious road blocks do not feel those feel threatened by the small changes and you start building a momentum as start getting success.

Today I am suggesting you make changes in what you eat. Best foods to eat are un-cooked raw foods because they contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other important components which enhance the brain functions. Make you feel alert and help your brain come up with out of box ideas which can make you very successful by making you alert, increasing focus and ability to create innovative solutions to hurdles you face in your success journey. Add one food item at time based on your preferences. Here are some food and other suggestions:

Avoid saturated fats, trans fats and too much of minerals like iron and copper. These foods are responsible for amyloidal plaque.
Eat Strawberries, Red grapes, Blue berries. They contain antioxidants which are good for brain
Eat raw green leafy vegetables like Broccoli and Lettuce and Bell peppers especially colored One. They have vitamins B12 and folic acid which enhance brain functions.
Black beans, Red kidney beans and Chick peas are good source of vitamin B6.
Exercise at least 3 times a week like a good half hour brisk walk.
Sleep by 10PM. 10PM to 2 AM is the best time frame for your sub-conscious mind (brain) to sort and  file the information it received during preceding day.

Here is YouTube video – Power foods can help improve memory and cognitive brain functions– by KCL gives a good summary view on the topic:

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