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After Teaching Yourself Then What

Teaching yourself is first step. It surely helps you internalize the information. Now you have mastered the information and you can do few things which will make you even better.

Teach it to others. If information is making you do things better for yourself, then go ahead teach it a friend, a colleague or anyone else you care about. It will positively impact their lives. You will also not lose either. It will make you feel better and your mastery of the information will reach new heights. It will be win-win situation for all involved. It will push you into new heights in success ladder.

Teach it using your imagination. Teach it in your mind’s eye while you are performing other tasks. That will help master it. End result is the same that is increasing speed with which you will achieve your goals and succeed in your life.

As always if you need any further assistance please email me at I will be happy to respond. You may also leave a comment. I will always read and do my best to answer.

Here is Kevin Ward’s perspective on internalizing the information as a YouTube Video:

Way To Learn Is To Teach It

When anyone learns something, it is not retained very well. Reason for this is material learned is not fully internalized. It has not become a second nature to you. To achieve this one must first remember the material fully. This is done by spaced repetition as was cleared in earlier post.

Once you remember it, then it should be known so well that it becomes a second nature. That is done by teaching it. The person you should teach first is you.

Imagine that you are teaching a class full of students. Let your imagination take charge. Then regurgitate whatever you have learned in that class. Since you are teacher as well as student, ask yourself questions about what you are teaching. Then answer the question in loud enough voice so that whole class can hear it. Articulate the answers good and convert it into back and forth discussion. When you finish it you will be remembering what you were teaching extremely well. Now you have already mastered what you have learned. It is now a part of your permanent knowledge bank. Essentially you have internalized the material you have learned.

The example of learning music by internalizing by Martin Taylor, it is explained in video below:

Follow the above principle to learn anything you want. As always if you need any further assistance please email me at I will be happy to respond. You may also leave a comment. I will always read and do my best to answer.

Sikhs Serving Communities Where They Live

Sikh is only community based religion where no hungry man or woman is turned down. Every worshiper who goes in temple donates their time and money depending upon their capability to do that. The money donated is used for benefit of the community as a whole. Every day food is prepared by Sevadars (Volunteers) and given to people coming to Gurdwaras(Temples). Lunger(Community meal) is open to all humans regardless of their religious convictions. Nobody is ever turned down, period!

This is futuristic religion which teaches to respect women, help the needy and take care of all humans. The people from all walks of life and all countries are adopting it. If we follow the teachings in our holly book, which by the way is not considered a “book” but as a embodiment of the living GURU (teacher), there will be no fights among countries or regions. No one will go hungry. People from all different backgrounds will live harmoniously with each other. It is based on people taking care of people.

Below is video example of how we do all that without help of any politicians or government handouts:

Spaced Repetition A Tool For Learning To Achieve Success

This is another cog in wheel of the success system. It means to repeat the activity or subject you want to learn at regular intervals spaced away from each other. It reinforces the information in your mind better. You should use this process of spacing so that material you want to master becomes divided, but is repeated more than once. This way you will spend same amount of time during learning any task but retain information better. Optimal spacing interval over 30 day period is about 6 days. It should also be repeated every few months so that it becomes part of your current subconscious mind. Spaced information allows variable encoding of your brain. That is how you retain it better. Our goal here is long term retention of information. You should become unconsciously competent in it.

Once you reach that state, it becomes a habit of you. You will not even have to think about it to accomplish success. Your subconscious mind takes over and you complete the task without ever thinking about it. See how important it will become as a tool in your success achieving arsenal.
Please use this tool to develop positive thoughts and ideas while you tread on your journey to succeed.

As always if you need any further assistance please email me at I will be happy to respond. You may also leave a comment. I will always read and do my best to answer.

Here is a video putting some light on spaced repletion method of learning:

Develop Yourself To Be A Success Magnet

Everyone wants to successful. It takes a little effort and following a system. You have to be consistent. It is tenacious nature of human mind that brings you results. Stay on course to follow the system below and in no time the success will be your bride.

The system I am suggesting has following steps:

• Read something to improve your mind every day. Alot a certain specific amount of time for this activity. Read about things you want to improve in you, something positive.
• Attend meetings, events or functions to motivate you with like minded people. Being in company of large number of like minded folks will catapult you into heightened state of excitement. You will see some AHA moments coming in your life.
• Listen to motivating audio daily.
• When you are at meetings, events and functions mingle with other people. Develop relationships. Make connections with other like minded persons. For a starter make at least one new connection at every event you go to.
• Genuinely recognize others for their achievements and get yourself recognized.
Add value to everything you do. Inspire others and think how you can add value to your life.

If you do all activities listed above, I am sure it will bring life changing opportunities in your life and soon you will attract success just like a magnet. As always if you need any further assistance please email me at . I will be happy to respond. You may also leave a comment. I will always read and do my best to answer.

Here is Michael Gowans’s view on becoming success magnet:

Negative Emotions To The Rescue

Usually everyone thinks that negative emotions will derail you and you must have positive emotions to counteract them. But sometimes it is not true.

Let us see, if I can clarify it. Suppose you get a negative emotion and you do not feel right about it. All that means is that your feeling is telling you that is not what you want. Don’t be afraid of the negative emotions. They help you focus on what you want. They also clarify what you really want. Just concentrate on that thought. Take action based on your clarified thought. Success is waiting for your action so that it can give you results you desire. Just remember without action there is no success. It does not matter whether you have negative or positive feeling; it is the action which will brings you success.

This is it for today post. Let me know how it is working for you by emailing me at Thanks for visiting my web.

In case you need to change the negative feelings you have, to positive feelings leading to flurry of successes please visit the link below and have a free trial to see if it suits you.

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Secret To Success From Earle Nightingale

Cheerful expectancy and Hoping or wishing something is going to happen, are two different things. Success does not come from looking through colored glasses. When you know it is going to occur, it is only because of cheerful expectancy. It comes from having knowledge obtained by studying your field, whether it’s Internet marketing or medical field and completely immersing yourself in it. Knowledge gives you confidence. Confidence motivates you and you feel like taking action to succeed.

If you want to be an expert on anything, you have to give it at least an hour a day for reading up on it consistently. Knowledge gives you the confidence and belief to have that positive expectancy, which in turn determines your results.

Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Seven

Topic today for me is “LAW OF ATTRACTION” Basically law of attraction states that when you think about any circumstance, you send out vibrations representing that thought to universe and in return you get back to you a similar vibration from the universe. It means like attracts like vibrations. So whatever r you put out to the universe, it turns around and sends same things back to you. It is similar to farming. What crop seed you put in ground same crop grows. If you sow wheat grains, you get wheat and if you sow Datura seeds it will grow Datura plant. One is edible and other is a poison.

No let us visualize that you get into an accident. To find why it happened to you, think what you were thinking about little while before that. If you think hard enough you will find out that you were thinking about something which gave you the same feelings which you had after accident. Thought might have come to your mind a moment before, a week before or a month before, it does not matter. Fact is you surely think about something which gave you the same feelings that you felt after accident.

Fact is universe have both kind of vibrations, positive as well as negative. To have abundance in your life, you need to replace the feelings of lack from your life. You can not eliminate the negative feeling that easy. You should start thinking about positive thoughts. Universe will match your vibrations and start sending you positive vibrations. You will start thinking more and more positive thoughts. As your ball of positive energy becomes bigger and bigger, you will start feeling the changes happening in your life. You will have abundance in your life. Feelings of lack will go away. You will be changed person.

There is lot more to law of attraction than a little explanation I gave above. That I will like to save for later blogs. If you are interested to know more please leave your contact info in comment. I will be happy to follow up through your email.

Below I have added a YouTube video with some other person’s perspective on “LAW OF ATTRACTION”

Like always please leave a comment. I appreciate your opinion on how I can serve you better. I am always ready to learn more on the subject.

Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Three

Step By Step Guide To Be Super Happy And Healthy

Today I will give you daily routine to be happy and stay healthy.

• You should sleep by 10:30 PM your local time.
• Before you sleep spend few minutes for giving gratitude thoughts. Just say things in your life that you are thankful for.
• Get up early in AM. Remember saying “Early to bed and early to rise, make you healthy, wealthy and wise”.
• Again start your day with giving gratitude. This is all to set yourself for positive thoughts in your life.
• When you to work, enter the workplace with big smile on your face. Leave your personal situations out of workplace. This way you will start good.
Be nice to others and keep building positive feeling to make your day better and better throughout the day.
• Lunch should be approximately ½ of daily caloric intake.
• On return home spend some time with family and kids if you have.
• Dinner should be early in evening and light in calories.
• You may have juice or water or tea later on if you feel like.
• Keep repeating the sequence daily and you will get a momentum for building a positive life.
• Drinking plenty of water during whole day will keep you young looking too.

Here is another person’s perspective on exercise and healthy food choices:



I am sure this routine will work for anyone who sincerely follows it. I am here to help if you need to tweak it. Be kind to leave a comment if like the information.

Feel Good Blogging Challenge One

Feel Good Blogging Challenge Numero Uno

Hi my name is Amrik Mann. Professionally I am a Pharmacist. Recently was forced to retire by administration because of age, I feel and look like in mid forties. That is because I know how to take care of my health very well. I live in tri-state area, about 90 miles from New York City. I took this forced retirement in stride and decided that I am not going to work as a pharmacist any more. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my profession as a pharmacist. Presently my main focus is on helping other people to get into better health and live a long happy life. That is my passion.

I am doing it by helping one person at a time. My understanding is that I can scale my helping effort through internet. That is why I started blogging. Why I started blogging is an interesting story. My father is a retired Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Dr. He retired in mid 80’s when he immigrated to USA and started living with us. He was the person who never used computer in his life. He learned to use computer from my children and started writing his experiences in medicine and life. Until now he has written about 18 books (Not in English) and still continuing it. He publishes them and gives them free to poor people back home. Seeing what he is doing with his time and money inspired me to do the same. Because I have learned from what he knows as well as from my own education and experience, I am excited to help others, who are less fortunate than me.

I am writing for layman, whom most professional in medical and pharmaceutical profession are not sincerely helping and for the public at large. They do hundreds of test and over-prescribe medicine so they can cover their own but. You do not need all those things for staying healthy and happy. My aim is to provide information free or at very nominal charge to public and help as many people as I can!

Currently, I have written few blogs on success series in the same website ( Actually my aim is to cover topics on health, wealth, motivation for success in life and ultimately blissful happiness for everyone I touch.

My message to the visitors on my web is, there is nothing you can’t achieve. All you have to do is look for information and take action to remedy the situation. There is no such thing that can’t be corrected or achieved. Information is there all over the internet all you have to do is collect, discern and take action. I will give information responsibly but ultimate responsibility still rest on their shoulders. So please discern.

Here is another perspective on happiness in the video below. Take a look and above all be happy!

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