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The Strangest Secret

“Success is progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a man sets a goal for his future and achieves it then he is success, otherwise he is a failure.” Earl Nightingale

Let me explain the secret in the words of Earl Nightingale who is the original speaker of The Strangest Secret audio. He says:

  • Only one out twenty people succeeds, because other nineteen had no goals. A person without a goal is like a ship without a crew, captain, map or destination. That is why such a large percentage does not reach anywhere.
  • Human race is fixed in a way not to prevent strong from winning but to prevent week from losing. That is, what is called conformity in our society?
  • We become what we think about most of the time. This is strangest secret which is behind every successful person.

Disraeli said any human being with a subtle purpose in life, must accomplish it. Nothing can stand in the way of person who will stake even his existence to fulfill his goal. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that a man is what he thinks about all day long. William James said that human can alter their lives by changing what they think. If we think certain things are real, they will become real by growing connection with us and people around us through our habits and thoughts. Believe and succeed is the secret behind every success. Sauce in this is to think about it most of the time.

People who succeed don’t believe in circumstances. They look for circumstances they want. If they can’t find they make them. A person, who is thinking about his goals and goes about getting them, will get them. Other person who has no goals and is confused about what he wants will reach nowhere. His life is going to full of failures and misery.

As you sow so shall you reap is a good axiom to clarify it further. Lets us see an example of farmer. Land does not care what farmer plants in it. It returns the crop of whatever seed is sown on it.

Human mind also works the same way. It does not care what you think. It returns plenty of same things what you are thinking. Human mind is very fertile and it invariably gives us whatever we plant in it. If it is all true, then why people don’t use their mind to be successful more. Explanation is since we got it free along with other standard equipment at birth, we place no value to it. Things which are given to us for nothing we place no value on them and things we pay money for we value. But fact everything that is worthwhile is given to us for free by the universe. Our mind, our body, our soul and all other priceless things are given to us for free. Things we pay for are cheap. If anything breaks down we can replace them. But things we get for nothing like family, love and our body are priceless and can’t be obtained at any price. They are irreplaceable. We use our mind very little (about 10% of our ability) for the same reason.

You are what you think, because that is exactly where you wanted to be. What you are thinking now is going to be your future. It is up to you. You are in driver’s seat. Strangest secret is that human future depends upon how we use our mind for good or for bad. That is going to shape our success.

Now to be successful decide what you want. Think consistently how you can achieve it. Then work on getting it. It is that simple. In your mind’s eye see yourself what you will be doing when you reach your goal. Feel as if you are already doing it.

Here is YouTube Video on the topic:

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When Attitude Is Right Facts Don’t Count

To understand this, let us consider what is called fact. Facts are merely opinions, which someone believes as facts. The people see the circumstances as facts based on their perception. Our brain believes the circumstances as facts based on its previous experience or available current data.

Suppose you go to a doctor. He asks history of sickness. He guesses what might be ailing you based on information you provided. Let us say you went to him because of hives all over the body. During history you told him you ate spaghetti and meat balls and you started to get hives. He believed you told him fact and he assumed you are allergic to either spaghetti or meat balls. Even you did not know that chef had used the pan for cooking your dish, was used before for warming clams dish. There was little bit of clam sauce left in it. So when prepared spaghetti and meat ball for you, the clam sauce left over in pan gave you the allergic reaction. In the mean time you told doctor the facts as you knew and he concluded based on the information you provided. It was his opinion that you are allergic to either spaghetti or meat balls, which he believed as fact. Now consider this both you and doctor, both were stating the facts, at least to the best of your knowledge, but in reality both were stating opinions based on your belief. Opinions don’t matter. So one should not believe even if things look different, instead should form any opinion only after collecting all information and then analyzing them.

So keep an open mind till you get all information and discern that it is correct information before believing it to be fact. That is attitude you should have approaching any situation. Then there will be no setbacks in your journey to succeed. This is also a success principle if mastered properly by conscious effort and incorporated in your subconscious mind as unconscious competence, will enhance your capabilities to succeed.

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Video below explains how our brain decides to make what we see as facts:

Negative Emotions Don’t Worry Be Happy

When you feel broken down that is the time stay consistent with your efforts. It feels bad. Look like everything you do to better your life goes on the wayside. In spite of your trying so hard you are getting nowhere.

My mentor said, “If you look at the current situation you are in, 10 years from now it will seem insignificant. Then you will feel happy looking back and say it was not that bad. So when you are in tough spot like that, open champagne now and be happy. Universe will resolve your situation”. Boy O Boy was he right! I have been in similar situations plenty of time and every times his word proved him right.

Why is that? Before I go into explaining the reason, here is another quote to give you an idea. “A fish does not turn back till it hits its nose on the stone bank of river.” When you are hit with b ad situation again and again, because universe keep giving you more of same, you reach a point that you can not accept it any more. This is when you get AHA moment and start picking the pieces together. Your desperation turns into an action. Do not give up at that time. You have already fallen as low as you can. Only thing that can happen is upward from now on. If you get up and take responsibility than universe will get out of your way. You will definitely succeed now. Most of people give up at this point and that is why they fail. You have to become determined to succeed, because that is what differentiates between losers and winners. Psych yourself by telling that you are a winner. You are a champion. You will see a change in you which will create circumstances, events and bring people in your life. Universe will support you just because you put forth an effort.

See video below for real life desperate situations:

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Develop Yourself To Be A Success Magnet

Everyone wants to successful. It takes a little effort and following a system. You have to be consistent. It is tenacious nature of human mind that brings you results. Stay on course to follow the system below and in no time the success will be your bride.

The system I am suggesting has following steps:

• Read something to improve your mind every day. Alot a certain specific amount of time for this activity. Read about things you want to improve in you, something positive.
• Attend meetings, events or functions to motivate you with like minded people. Being in company of large number of like minded folks will catapult you into heightened state of excitement. You will see some AHA moments coming in your life.
• Listen to motivating audio daily.
• When you are at meetings, events and functions mingle with other people. Develop relationships. Make connections with other like minded persons. For a starter make at least one new connection at every event you go to.
• Genuinely recognize others for their achievements and get yourself recognized.
Add value to everything you do. Inspire others and think how you can add value to your life.

If you do all activities listed above, I am sure it will bring life changing opportunities in your life and soon you will attract success just like a magnet. As always if you need any further assistance please email me at . I will be happy to respond. You may also leave a comment. I will always read and do my best to answer.

Here is Michael Gowans’s view on becoming success magnet:

Negative Emotions To The Rescue

Usually everyone thinks that negative emotions will derail you and you must have positive emotions to counteract them. But sometimes it is not true.

Let us see, if I can clarify it. Suppose you get a negative emotion and you do not feel right about it. All that means is that your feeling is telling you that is not what you want. Don’t be afraid of the negative emotions. They help you focus on what you want. They also clarify what you really want. Just concentrate on that thought. Take action based on your clarified thought. Success is waiting for your action so that it can give you results you desire. Just remember without action there is no success. It does not matter whether you have negative or positive feeling; it is the action which will brings you success.

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