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Use Of Music To Relieve Stress

It is fascinating t understand how the music relaxes the stress in human body. Every item in the universe responds differently to different musical notes. Some notes when played can cause glass to break while others to produce rippling effect in water, which gives you feeling of tranquility.

Emotionally music can give people way out to express themselves. It can profoundly affects their psych and relax them. It can get you out of dole drum of life and motivate you enjoy the life. That is why in Sikh religion prayers in temple done with music. That music changes your state of mind and let you connect directly to the GOD (Waheguru Ji), if one sets up in their mind to do so. Energy in the temple changes with that music. That music is healing.

Everything is vibrations in this universe. One has to give themselves permission to immerse in those musical vibrations. It is a challenge to do so, but with right concentration it is possible to achieve that state.

Let us make this discussion and express your feelings about music and how it has affected your life. Please e-mail me your take on the topic at I will then compile those feelings and make it a post to share with our groups so that everyone can benefit from it.

Shabad Gurbani Kirtan – Seven Shabads Video is good example:

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Living in Present A Powerful Concept

Most of people so busy building their future. They get so much involved in future dreams that they lose their ability to enjoy their present. Key point is time to live fully, be in present. If one takes care of their present then and only then they can improve future. Take action to better your life at present moment so that your future will automatically shape to be better.

I can understand that you did not like your past and that is why you want to change your future. To do that your approach should be to change your present. That will give you a better future. Here are few things you can do to affect your present so that you can enjoy your future:

Grab the present moment of your life and live it as if it is your last moment.
Do not hold yourself back with negative thinking like you cannot do it.
• Reflect on what you are failing to do right now.
• Collect information on how many time your mind created thought saying it is not possible.
• Understand all what if situations are created because of your past thought patterns.
• Understand also the past is gone and you cannot change it.
Future is not here so you cannot directly affect it.
• Only tangible thing that you can affect is your present.
Present is real and is within your power to change it.
• Goals are important, but paths you take to achieve them are going to bear the fruits, based on path you chose.
• It is journey through your present where you chose paths.
No reason to have unhappy Journey, just to achieve goals.
• So stay happy at present and enjoy the journey.
• Goals you achieve by staying happy will be positive progress and you know that you are one step closer to your goals.
Believe in yourself and instead of wasting time, use it to learn, take actions and enjoy the journey.

Alan Watts – Explains his thoughts on – living In The Present (boat Analogy) in this video:

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Make A To-Do List And Make Your Life Easy

Did you ever felt over whelmed? You have million things to do but don’t have enough time to do it all.

If you are in such a bind, you need to fix the situation very quickly. If you don’t, it is going to start affecting health and cascade of bad situations begins.

Now here is 15 minute solution to the rescue. Make a list of all things you need to do. Now go over the list and cross over tasks which are not that important and can wait for next day or next week. Rest of the list should not be too long. It should not be more than 5 to 10 items. If it is longer, then rethink and go over list again till you can make it manageable. Think over the priorities of each task and go over the list. I am sure you can narrow it down to less than five. Usually this list making is done at the end of day to prepare for next day, before you retire for that day.

Start next day start with most urgent or most important thing first. Keep doing one chore at a time till you are either finish with list or left with one or two things. Now you should be very happy with your accomplishment and not over whelmed at all. What is left is not that critical that it cannot wait till next day. That should get rid of your feelings of overwhelmed and even your health should improve because of less stress!

If you feel comfortable delegating some of stuff to others to do can also help. If situation warrants it don’t hesitate to delegate.

If you have choice then chose not to do certain task altogether then don’t do it. After all you cannot be expected to do everything all by yourself.

Break up bigger tasks to smaller tasks that will make it easy to finish.

Here is a YouTube Video on “How to Develop a Prioritized To-Do List.”

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Pay Attention And Be In The Present

Almost everyone keeps thinking about what happened in their life in the past. They keep themselves in rut all the time because of that way of thinking. Let us think realistically, you cannot change what happened to you in the past. It is already passed. You cannot time travel to past and correct. It only happens in the movies. It is beyond your control. So let us lay it to rest and step forward in our lives.

As far as future is concerned it is beyond your radar at the current time. You cannot leap forward and change it to make it better for you in the future. Though you can make it better in future if you plan ahead for future at the current time. That only leaves us a choice of understanding and changing our present situations.

Since we mostly worry about our past and future and spend most of thinking time being miserable with the same feeling. To improve our lives we need to concentrate on our present. We should pay our one hundred percent attention to our present condition and take steps to correct whatever we need to change our outlook. Once we modify our thinking from living in the past and be in the present, we enable a wave of changes in our current life and thereby also positively impact our future.

So to be the best you can be, live in present to make your FUTURE BRIGHT.

Smart tips – Enjoy the present moment by Dr. Bob Uslander’s video have his on the subject as follows:

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Creating The Happy Feelings

Once in a while you may not feel happy. There is nothing to worry about. You can become happy very quickly and here is how:

Let us start first with finding out what happens when you are happy:

• You may be humming tune of song you like.
• You feel a spring in your feet during walking.
• There is big smile on your face.
• You exuberating lot of enthusiasm.
• Your eyes look as if they are full of life.

Now you defined what you do when you are happy. Mind and human body so much connected that if you alter one the other will respond. So if you are not happy, change your physiology. Do the things you do when you are happy and you feelings will change to happiness.

So when you feel down, do this:

Hum a song.
Walk as if you have spring in feet.
• When you are talking to someone light up your eyes with excitement.
Wear a smile on your face.
Show an enthusiasm in everything you do.

Soon you will start feeling happy.

Here is another person’s view point on how to be happy:

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Learn To Create Not Attract Things

Are you looking for abundance in your life? Do you want to attract things in your life? It is wrong way to look for abundance to come into your existence. You don’t “attract” things, you create them. When you create, you activate the “Law of Attraction.”

In order to create anything in your life, you must:

• Know precisely what you want. Define your chief aim accurately.
Think about your aim consistently with passion. Be obsessively passionate about it. Give it intense focus to generate strong particle to activate it. This intense emotion focused on what you want will create what you desire.
• In Law of attraction you get back same vibrations back. Following your request universe will create circumstances to match your vibrations and you will create successfully what you need to fulfill your aim.

Importance of creating is clearly visible in video ahead:

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Why Your Dreams Don’t Materialize Part 1

In few posts that will follow this post, I will indulge myself into explaining the reason, behind why Law of attraction doesn’t work for lot of us. What we do wrong in realizing our dreams and how to correct it so that we can achieve them. I will explain one step per post till we go through all.

There is nothing wrong in having big dreams. All our lives we have been trained to worry about how. How we are going to achieve this? There is no way I can do this. Those are limiting factors in our thinking. What my family is going to say? There is friendly but negative voice of people surrounding us saying it is waste of time and energy. They will do their best to dissuade you from fulfilling your dreams. They will sound so good and caring. Lot of them might even be genuine and sincere about what they are saying. That is because of their own self limiting thinking.

Now here is alternative thinking on what you are facing here. Let us tackle it together. Consider dreaming and achieving are to different aspects and you need to separate them. When you are dreaming do not think about how you are going to make them a reality. If you can put how part of achieving on hold for a short little while and completely think what are you are dreaming. Imagine that you are in future and have already achieved that dream. See in your mind’s eye how your life became better because of the dream you realized. You will get excited about the dream and become motivated to take action towards completing it. This will bring thoughts in your mind and you will put forward the request to the universe through your vibrations of thought. Then universe will create circumstances, opportunities and bring to your life which will show you how part of the equation. Those things are not in your radar right now, but will appear at the right time.

To be continued ……….

Dream big just like the people in this video:

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Be thankful for anything that happens in your life. GOD (Waheguru Ji) has given us plenty of things to be thankful for. It is nature of universe that whatever makes us happy, it gives more of the same. Human mind is strong transmitter of vibrations. It is also a best receiver of vibrations that is available in this universe. Universe (Nature, GOD, Almighty or WHOSOEVER you believe in) send you back same vibrations, which you put in front of IT. So send good thought vibrations to IT and IT will return ten folds back to you. This means that whatever happens in your life is caused by you. You are responsible for both good things and bad things happening in your life. Then why not change things around. I want to empower you. Think about this, if you caused bad things in your life, it is with same ease you can change them and make it good things appear in it.

Here is what I would suggest. Start by giving gratitude prayers just for few minutes before you sleep and after you wake up. If you do it consistently you will start seeing more and more of good things happening in your life. Before you know things will come and happen that you can even think of. Lucky streaks will be part of you existence.

You could be thankful for lot of things:

• For air you breathe, no one can more than few moments without it and it is GOD given free item.
• For water, if you consider at cellular or intracellular levels, you made of 99% of it.
• For having a family and children giving you fulfilling life.
• For having good friends
• For giving you internet so you can be in touch with like minded people all over the world.
• And so on, your imagination is only limiting factor or not!

So let us be thankful and give gratitude daily and make our lives more happy and fulfilling.

Here are some examples of gratitude giving things in our life in video:

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Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Seven

Topic today for me is “LAW OF ATTRACTION” Basically law of attraction states that when you think about any circumstance, you send out vibrations representing that thought to universe and in return you get back to you a similar vibration from the universe. It means like attracts like vibrations. So whatever r you put out to the universe, it turns around and sends same things back to you. It is similar to farming. What crop seed you put in ground same crop grows. If you sow wheat grains, you get wheat and if you sow Datura seeds it will grow Datura plant. One is edible and other is a poison.

No let us visualize that you get into an accident. To find why it happened to you, think what you were thinking about little while before that. If you think hard enough you will find out that you were thinking about something which gave you the same feelings which you had after accident. Thought might have come to your mind a moment before, a week before or a month before, it does not matter. Fact is you surely think about something which gave you the same feelings that you felt after accident.

Fact is universe have both kind of vibrations, positive as well as negative. To have abundance in your life, you need to replace the feelings of lack from your life. You can not eliminate the negative feeling that easy. You should start thinking about positive thoughts. Universe will match your vibrations and start sending you positive vibrations. You will start thinking more and more positive thoughts. As your ball of positive energy becomes bigger and bigger, you will start feeling the changes happening in your life. You will have abundance in your life. Feelings of lack will go away. You will be changed person.

There is lot more to law of attraction than a little explanation I gave above. That I will like to save for later blogs. If you are interested to know more please leave your contact info in comment. I will be happy to follow up through your email.

Below I have added a YouTube video with some other person’s perspective on “LAW OF ATTRACTION”

Like always please leave a comment. I appreciate your opinion on how I can serve you better. I am always ready to learn more on the subject.

Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Three

Step By Step Guide To Be Super Happy And Healthy

Today I will give you daily routine to be happy and stay healthy.

• You should sleep by 10:30 PM your local time.
• Before you sleep spend few minutes for giving gratitude thoughts. Just say things in your life that you are thankful for.
• Get up early in AM. Remember saying “Early to bed and early to rise, make you healthy, wealthy and wise”.
• Again start your day with giving gratitude. This is all to set yourself for positive thoughts in your life.
• When you to work, enter the workplace with big smile on your face. Leave your personal situations out of workplace. This way you will start good.
Be nice to others and keep building positive feeling to make your day better and better throughout the day.
• Lunch should be approximately ½ of daily caloric intake.
• On return home spend some time with family and kids if you have.
• Dinner should be early in evening and light in calories.
• You may have juice or water or tea later on if you feel like.
• Keep repeating the sequence daily and you will get a momentum for building a positive life.
• Drinking plenty of water during whole day will keep you young looking too.

Here is another person’s perspective on exercise and healthy food choices:



I am sure this routine will work for anyone who sincerely follows it. I am here to help if you need to tweak it. Be kind to leave a comment if like the information.

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